Camino gGmbH

is a practice-oriented research institution that provides research and evaluations of public and civil society programs, trainings, and consulting services.

Our areas of expertise

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Societal cohesion and social participation

Societal rifts – for example, between the young and the old, the privileged and the non-privileged, citizens and immigrants – pose challenges to our societies. The social inclusion of people from all walks of life, regardless of their social, ethnic, or cultural background is a key task for our society. It is of concern in different fields of societal practice. We advise and support projects and programs that promote societal cohesion in urban districts and in rural areas, and the inclusion of disadvantaged youth and adults.

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Democracy and Human Rights

In the field of democracy and human rights, we collaborate with partners who work to protect minorities against racist attacks and structural discrimination. In addition to this, our work focuses on societal strategies for combatting all forms of group-focused enmity, as well as on competency development for preventing and eliminating right-wing extremism.

Human rights, political participation, and access to resources are topics that we also work on internationally.

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Violence Prevention

Violent behavior – especially in youth and young adults – is a phenomenon that causes worry, fear, and anger in society. Under the ordinance of the Berlin Commission against Violence, our own Office for the Prevention of Youth Violence contributes to the development of prevention and intervention programs for youth violence. In addition, we regularly conduct evaluations of projects and programs on the prevention of (youth) violence.

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Radicalization prevention

Religious, political, and social radicalization are reflected in different social phenomena. Our evaluations and research projects address practitioners who work with youth and young adults to prevent radicalization. 

We develop our methodological approaches in close cooperation with our clients and partners, and combine different approaches to flexibly provide tailored answers to their questions.