About us

Founded in 1995, Camino is a non-profit organization that conducts applied research, evaluation of programs and projects, and delivers workshops, and trainings.

Our evaluations, research, and trainings are participatory, resource-oriented, and strictly directed towards the interests and needs of the participants. At Camino, we believe that the value of our work lies in its usefulness and the support it can provide to our clients and partners.

We aim to improve societal praxis by posing questions to practitioners that provide them with opportunities to reflect on their work, by supporting them in identifying good practices, and by bringing them together to promote joint development of new approaches, strategies, and methods.

The diversity of our team enables us to combine high levels of topical expertise with strong skills in data collection and analysis to perform a wide range of tasks in research, evaluation, consulting, and professional training.

Executive Directors

Dorte Schaffranke Portrait
Dorte Schaffranke
Sabine Behn Portrait
Sabine Behn


Minh Tan Phan

Minh Tan Phan Portrait
Minh Tan Phan

Monika Jertschat

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Telephone: +49 (0) 30 610 73 72 13

Monika Jertschat Portrait
Monika Jertschat

Research and Evaluation Specialists

Dr. Albrecht Lüter Portrait
Dr. Albrecht Lüter
Alina Goldbach Portrait
Alina Goldbach

Dr. Almut Sülzle

Current Projects

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Telephone: +49 (0)30 610 73 72 0

Dr. Almut Sülzle Portrait
Dr. Almut Sülzle

Dr. Birgit Glock

Dr. Birgit Glock holds a Ph.D in Sociology.

She studied at the Institute for the Social Sciences of Humboldt-University Berlin and the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University New York.

She works as a researcher at Camino. The focus of her research is on youth delinquency, (de-) radicalization and integration and urban social spaces.

Current Projects

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Telephone: ++49 (0)30 6107372 22

Dr. Birgit Glock Portrait
Dr. Birgit Glock
Daniel Schnarr Portrait
Daniel Schnarr

Jasmin Rocha

Jasmin, a social scientist by training, joined Camino in 2016. She designs and implements program evaluations in the areas 'Democracy & Human Rights' and 'Societal Cohesion & Social Participation'. Jasmin uses a variety of methods, including participatory and theory-based approaches, as well as applied statistics.

In her previous role as Oxfam's Global Evaluation Research and Learning Officer she focused on the evaluation of its strategic plan. She also has broad experience as an independent evaluator of national and international civil society initiatives.

Current Projects

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Telephone: +49 (0) 30 610 73 72 14

Jasmin Rocha Portrait
Jasmin Rocha
Julia Zarth Portrait
Julia Zarth
Dr. Kari-Maria Karliczek Portrait
Dr. Kari-Maria Karliczek
Laura Ceresna-Chaturvedi Portrait
Laura Ceresna-Chaturvedi
Dr. Meggi Khan-Zvorničanin Portrait
Dr. Meggi Khan-Zvorničanin
Michael Bergert Portrait
Michael Bergert

Dr. Miriam Schroer-Hippel

Current Projects

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Telephone: +49 (0)30 610 73 72 21

Dr. Miriam Schroer-Hippel Portrait
Dr. Miriam Schroer-Hippel
Moritz Fedkenheuer Portrait
Moritz Fedkenheuer

Dr. Sarah Riese

Current Projects

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Telephone: 030-6107372-0

Dr. Sarah Riese Portrait
Dr. Sarah Riese
Till Sträter Portrait
Till Sträter
Victoria Schwenzer Portrait
Victoria Schwenzer
Willi Imhof Portrait
Willi Imhof
Wolfgang Stuppert Portrait
Wolfgang Stuppert

Research Assistants

Carlotta Peters Portrait
Carlotta Peters

Duygu Özer

Current Projects

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Telephone: +49 (0)30 610 73 72 0

Duygu Özer Portrait
Duygu Özer
Jonas Köhler Portrait
Jonas Köhler

Jondis Schwartzkopff

Jondis Schwartzkopff Portrait
Jondis Schwartzkopff
Yevgeniya Khabibulina Portrait
Yevgeniya Khabibulina

Rose Troll

Rose Troll Portrait
Rose Troll